About OxPAF

As Black students at the University of Oxford and other institutions of higher learning across the world, we have the privilege to engage critically with the experience of our collective structural oppression. We have a choice: either to use the platforms we have to acquiesce to this oppression or to stand on them and make our voices heard. No doubt, the challenges we face are complex, even opaque at times. We also have a diversity of experiences and perspectives on the struggle we face. This platform recognizes and celebrates this complexity and diversity — it is through bringing together our thoughts, experiences, feelings and visions for a liberated future that we can act with unity and stand a chance to upend the existing systems of oppression.

This platform is only the beginning. Through it, we hope to bring together our voices, and energize each other to act in our various places.

We look forward to, one day, looking back at the launch of this blog and celebrating the victories that we can make possible with the power of our voices and actions.


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